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Who We Are

Our Story


Founded in 1979 as a full-service commercial printing company, Champ Printing believes in producing the highest quality product while focusing on superior customer service. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the industry. From our professional sales staff to our experienced production workers, we are dedicated to surpassing your expectations. This dedication in service is the foundation that will enable us to enjoy continued success.

We consider ourselves to be a right-sized printer – large enough to handle any print run but also sized to be flexible to be able to meet and adjust to the needs of our clients at any time. Ethically, we are driven by right-minded fundamentals. We don’t want to just do the job, but rather do what is right, good and sound for our company and you, our client. We want to be your "one stop shop" for all your printing needs.

Our Values

With a long-standing reputation for meeting extreme deadlines while maintaining the highest quality, Champ Printing is your reliable source for printed communications. Our wide range of equipment enables us to produce printed material within our facility in the most cost-effective and economical manner possible. As an environmentally conscience company, we are dedicated to providing the best green and environmental printing services and products.

We're FSC® Certified!

We use vegetable-based inks. We promote and encourage the use of recycled papers and we are FSC® Certified*. Being on the front line of recycling, we make sure that all of the paper that does not leave our plant as product is recycled. This is the added benefit of knowing your printer is making choices that align with these commitments.

*Contact us for a list of our certified products.

FSC - The mark of responsible forestry

Sharing and exchanging information is essential for successfully completing any printing project. Champ Printing focuses on informing our customers of the status of their project and the timeframe in which it will be completed. In an industry where surprises are rarely favorable, Champ Printing achieves superior customer satisfaction by keeping our customers informed of the progress of their job.

Champ Printing Company's reputation of meeting the most extreme deadlines and consistently achieving high quality results is a factor that contributes to our strength and will enable us to continue to exceed customer expectations.

Champ Printing Company's standard quality assurance program maintains the highest standards of excellence by reviewing every job in each step of the production process to minimize error and increase quality and efficiency.

We are also proud to be a G7® Master Facility.
This certification validates our capabilities to produce consistent and color accurate appearances across all print production equipment, stocks, substrates and inks within our facility.

We are proud of our employees dedication and long-standing commitment to producing the highest quality printed materials in the region.